What Is IRI?

Since the end of the previous regime, much economic, social and political progress has been achieved despite significant challenges. To sustain these gains and secure the successful continuation of the reconstruction process will require the effort and commitment of all Iraqis alike. For those living abroad, there are now concrete opportunities to return to their communities and be part of the change process.
The IRI Programme offers you one such opportunity. It offers expatriate Iraqis who have migrated to other countries and achieved professional success abroad the possibility to undertake short-term assignments of up to one year in Iraq. Whereas experts in traditional technical assistance are typically foreigners, the IRI experts are nationals now living abroad, proficient in Arabic or Kurdish, with strong motivation and commitment to serve Iraq and demonstrated success in their profession.


The programme will target those needs which cannot be immediately met by the human resources inside Iraq and which are deemed essential for the reconstruction  and development efforts of the country. The promotion of equal employment opportunities is a fundamental aspect of the programme and female experts are encouraged to apply.


The IRI Programme will work to match applications with available employment opportunities within Iraqi ministries and public institutions. Through the IRI Programme, assistance is provided to the Iraqi authorities to identify human resource gaps in key areas of the public sector and to develop professional profiles and eligibility criteria for the posts required. At the heart of the IRI Programme is this website from where interested experts can apply, interestedemployers can post vacancies, and a database to match the demand and supply of expertise.


While the IRI Programme will offer a compensation package to selected candidates, the strength of IRI lies in the strong commitment of its experts to the reconstruction and development of Iraq. IRI experts are provided logistical support for their deployment to Iraq, are entitled to a roundtrip air ticket and will receive a compensation fee for their services.